Terms of Use

By accepting these terms of use, client of the company FST CAPITAL GROUP agrees to receive fee based trading signals from experienced traders and analysts of the company to open transaction in the stock market.

Subscription activates automatically after client pays the subscription fee for trading signals in the stock market.

Latest trading signals are obtained by the client in the form of PUSH notifications and displayed in the interface of the mobile application TAWSIYAT, which will display BUY, SELL and stop-loss.

Fundamental and technical market analysis are carried out using own trading systems with high signal precision, traders from various companies provide the most optimum trade levels to enter the market.

Since, daily market situation is under continuous change and largely depends on economic news items, quantity of trade signals will not be constant. By collaborating with FST CAPITAL GROUP, client can count on three or more high-quality trading signals for different trading instruments, on daily basis.

Trading signals expressed by traders of companies carry a recommendatory nature and responsibility for their use lies entirely on the client. Having received a trading signal, client independently decides whether to use the signal for making a trade transaction or not. All transactions are made solely by the client.

Received through subscription, fee based signals are property of FST CAPITAL GROUP, thus, the client can not provide such information to third parties.

In the event of any received commercial information disclosure by the client, he shall be held responsible for distribution of information leading to blocking of his subscription account, about which he shall be notified through the mobile application interface TAWSIYAT.

If the client can prove that he did not distribute received trading signal information, subscription will be restored.

Risk Disclosure

Trading in stock market carries a certain level of risk, and many can achieve success in this area, but before You take the decision on whether to trade on the stock market, we recommend You to carefully analyze Your investment objectives, Your experience in this area and readiness to risk. And most important, do not invest trading funds that You cannot afford to lose.

Transactions on the stock market are risky, besides to risking, associated with the use of "credit leveraging", weakening or loss of credit worthiness. All these and many other factors may have a significant influence on market prices and market liquidity.

Margin and credit leveraging

As a general rule, the size of margin makes a relatively small part from the total contract price. For example, for a contract, traded with credit leverage of 1 to 100, the size of margin makes only 1% from its total price. It means that insignificant change in the rate of the basic asset will lead to significant change in the price of Your item. This particular case may not only give profits, but also lead to substantial losses.

If you lose Your initial deposit, You will need to deposit additional margin to keep Your item. Nonperformance of any requirements in securing Your margin may lead to liquidation of Your item and corresponding losses, for which you carry full responsibility.

Comments on situation at the market

Any opinions, news items, research results, analytical posts, and other similar information published in the application TAWSIYAT carry a recommendatory nature on the situation at the stock markets. Administration of mobile application TAWSIYAT does not carry responsibility before the user for damages or losses, including losses in the form of lost profits, which may directly or indirectly be related to using provided information.

Mobile application TAWSIYAT

Administration of mobile application TAWSIYAT takes all measures required to ensure accuracy and reliability of information published in the application. Administration reserves the right to, at any time, change the content of the website without preliminary notice.